We provide experienced and highly qualified technicians to make a smooth transition in
upgrading your network with the next generation equipment. We are dependable, reliable with
no set hours. Our goal is to maintain 100% customer satisfaction . Professionalism and
dedication is how we achieve it.

Cellcom Installations has the solution for you. As a business, we provide various services
ranging from cellular equipment installations for Microwave and cell sites to voice and data
systems. We strive to ensure our customers needs are met quickly and trouble free.



- NEC America

- Radio Frequency Systems (RFS)
- RadioFrame Networks (RFN)






- MQ





- Line sweeps (Anritsu Site     
master Certified)

- Spectrum Analyzer Checks

- Equipment Troubleshooting

- Power Plant, Base Station
equipment upgrades

- Scheduled maintenance

- Site audits

- Drive testing

- Alarm testing

- Certified Andrew connector  

- T1 upgrade (Cat 1, 3, 5, 5e)      
- GPS Antenna Installation

- 3G, 4G Site reconfiguration

- RF Planning  

- RF Design

- Hardware Fabrication

- Site Search

- 900 MHz interference testing

- Public Safety testing


- De-commissioning of old

- Equipment Delivery

- Grounds upkeep
Cellular Services
Voice, Data, Access Control, Security, CCTV, Audio
and Phone Installation Services
Voice or data systems will be priced* on a per item basis but can be adjusted for turnkey.  
Below are some the items for the services we offer.
    Item Description             
1.        Build Out - Cabling, 66 Block and cross connects             
2.        Provision and installation of backboard as needed  
3.        Connect single line device                                  
4.        Set up mailbox
5.        Install and terminate Cat 3 to standard (priced per foot)
6.        Install and terminate Cat 5 to standard (priced per foot)
7.        Certify Data Wire run with printout- each
8.        De-install for standard Key systems
9.        Assemble, Install, connect rack
10.     Install / program line or extension
11.     Rewire existing jacks as needed
12.     Install mailbox port
13.     Set up voice mailbox
14.     Preliminary site inspect / visit
15.     Install closed circuit TV cameras
16.     Install and terminate coaxial cables (priced per foot)
17.     Install and wire magnetic alarm sensors
18.     Install data routers
19.     Install multiple dwelling cable TV systems
CellCom Installations, LLC will provide pricing based on the requirements set forth by the customer.  Should
these requirements change after commencement of work, prices will be adjusted accordingly to reflect

*Voice/Data prices quoted are derived from the following assumptions: Any additional material or services
needed beyond the customer's bill of quantities or scope of works will incur additional charges. Subsequent
visits may incur additional charges.  All work will be done during the standard working hours or 8am to 5pm
in a typical office environment. Typical drop ceiling height is 9ft. Access to the premises (building,
equipment room, jack locations, etc...)  shall be provided by the customer during work hours. Non standard
working hours and/or non standard facilities will incur additional charges. Cellcom workers are not required
to move office furnitures, such as desks, cabinets, non telco equipment.  Power, ground and backboard are
available, if needed.  All telco equipment and CO circuits are present at time of installation. All wiring is
non-plenum unless indicated. Programming prices will be based on customer providing relevant data before
or during installation. Delays in circuit testing and activation may be predicated upon the local exchange
carrier issues will be billed accordingly as agreed to by the customer.

Voice/Data quoted prices are valid only for 30 days and will be adjusted to meet the customer's
requirements. Depending on the scale of the project,  a preliminary site visit is mandatory to fully determine
a bill of quantity required for an accurate quote. By accepting the quote verbally or in writing, the customer
agrees to the terms and conditions specified above.